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Welcome to our online support group, Women Loving Widowers, where our Members participate in forum discussions about our unique relationships.

No doubt you have been searching the internet hoping to find information to help you better understand your relationship, your Significant Other or Husband, or your role as either a Girlfriend of a Widower or a Wife of a Former Widower. THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE!

If you have found yourself asking questions like:

  • Why is this relationship so different from others I've had?
  • Are there other women "out there" who understand the challenges that I've had in loving a widower/former widower?
  • Is my relationship typical of what it's like to love a widower/former widower?
  • Can anyone else relate to how I feel as a Girlfriend of a Widower/Wife of a Former Widower?


Should you choose to become a Member of Women Loving Widowers, you will have access to our discussion forums and be able to share in lively, sensitive, and supportive online conversations with other women who understand this unique relationship. We have formed Women Loving Widowers in order to provide a safe, secure site where we talk, laugh, cry, vent and celebrate our experiences as Girlfriends of Widowers or Wives of Former Widowers.

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